Best Dental Insurance Plan in Texas

Choosing The Best Dental Insurance Plan

Choosing The Best Dental Insurance Plan

Best Dental Insurance Plan in Texas
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Getting medical insurance is probably the wisest thing that you’ll do in your life, as it more often than not, saves you quite a bit of money in the short and long run. You’ll pay a lower deductible if your monthly premium is high and vice versa.

But, Dental insurance in Texas works differently. There are definite pros and cons to purchasing a dental policy, either from an insurance marketplace or your employer. In most cases, dental insurance saves you money, but there is a lot of a gray area that you should know before choosing a dental insurance plan in Texas. We’ve done a comprehensive analysis of Top Dental insurance plans that are typically available for you to choose from.

An Indemnity or Fee-for-Service Plans

This insurance plan allows you to pick a dental provider of your choice, and then the plan pays a percentage of the provider’s overall fee.

  • Pros
    These type of insurance plans allows you to choose from a huge variety of dental service providers. The amount which you pay before insurance coverage starts is called a deductible, and it may be lower than other plans, but the annual maximum coverage limit might be higher.
  • Cons
    The monthly payments, which are called premiums, tend to be higher than most other plans. Which means that you’ll be paying your share of service costs upfront.
  • Best for
    If you have a specific dental provider who you want to consult or you might need costly and major dental procedures.
PPO or Preferred Provider Organization plans

With this insurance plan, you get to pay less, but you’ll see certain on-board or preferred service providers.

  • Pros
    The insurance plan pays more than an indemnity plan, or the HMO plan would pay. You aren’t compelled to see on-board providers, but you save a lot of money when you do.
  • Cons
    If you want to see a provider that isn’t in the list of preferred providers, then you’ll have to pay more. A PPO plan often comes with a maximum amount that the insurance provider will reimburse in a calendar year. Some main hefty procedures maybe not covered in the plan, or they could have a waiting period before the coverage kicks in.
  • Best for
    If you don’t plan on having any major dental work right away, but there is a possibility for that to happen in the future. You would like some flexibility in your choice of service providers but don’t want to pay hefty premiums.
HMO or Health Maintenance Organization plans

If you go for an HMO plan, you’ll be required to consult dental providers that are only listed in the insurance network.

  • Pros
    Most preventive services like X-rays and cleanings will be 100% covered by the insurance plan, while basic procedures come with a co-pay option. You probably won’t have a maximum annual limit or a deductible, while the premium payments will be lower.
  • Cons
    You might get less than 50% or no coverage at all on major restorative procedures, while you won’t be having a wide choice of providers to choose from.
  • Best for
    If you don’t think that you’ll need any major dental work in the near future and if you have no preferences while choosing a service provider as long as finances are covered.

If you are looking for the right dental insurance plans in Texas, then you’ve come to the right place as we have some of the best, affordable, and most flexible dental plans that’ll take care of all your dental needs, today and tomorrow

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