Affordable Vision Insurance is All You Need for 2020 - Texas Medicare Solutions

Affordable Vision Insurance is All You Need for 2020

Affordable Vision Insurance is All You Need for 2020

Affordable Vision Insurance is All You Need for 2020 - Texas Medicare Solutions
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Like health insurance plans, vision insurance plans help you to cover the expense for routine preventive eye care. This type of insurance mainly includes coverage for expenses due to routine eye tests, prescription glasses, and contact lenses. Services may be provided by a network of providers, such as doctors and other health care specialists.

As a vision care policyholder, you’ll have access to some of the best ophthalmologists, and quality eye wear, all at low out-of-pocket costs.

Types of Vision Insurance Policies

Vision insurance policies can be divided into two categories. They can either be optional riders to your major health insurance plan or ancillaries (separate, secondary eye care plan with benefits not possible through major health care plans) like dental, vision, and disability.

Plan A: Optional Riders

The majority of health insurance plans are available with optional vision benefits packages (optional riders) for an extra premium (nearly $170 annually for individuals, and $430 annually for families). These plans allow beneficiaries to receive a fixed-dollar amount for certain health services. Vision benefits packages work similar to a traditional health insurance plan, requiring a co-payment ($10 to $25), with each plan imposing limits on how much they will pay for each service.

For example, if you need new contact lenses, your vision insurance plan may only make a payment for the lenses whereas, with the rest of the difference being covered by you. Keep in mind that this type of vision insurance plan does not offer eye surgery coverage, such as for LASIK (a popular surgery used to correct vision in people).

Plan B: Ancillary

Ancillary eye care policies refer to separate vision insurance policies that often give a pre-determined discount (for example, 20%) on all vision-related procedures. If you’re looking for an Affordable Vision Insurance policy, ancillary vision insurance policies are the best choice to go for. These are more affordable than vision benefits packages, with average annual premiums of $70 for an individual and $150 for a family. For a person with limited eye care needs, such as one requiring an eye exam per year, or a new set of eyeglasses annually, an ancillary policy may be the ideal vision insurance policy to opt for.

Whether you’re opting for Plan A or Plan B, both vision insurance plans may carry annual deductibles, meaning you’ll have to pay a certain amount before the insurance plan kicks in.

Cost of Vision Insurance

The Best Vision Insurance policies are costly; however, the cost may vary based on where you live, ie., which state. For instance, most policies allow for purchasing contact lenses – either as a replacement to old glasses or in addition to them. Again, it depends on the policy.

Where to Get Best Vision Insurance Coverage in Texas

If you’re living in Texas and looking for a group plan, you can enroll in the one your company is offering, or through an association, you’re a member of, or through Medicare or Medicaid. But if you don’t qualify for a group plan, most vision insurance agents offer policies that you can purchase individually.

At Texas Medicare Solutions, you’re provided vision insurance packages with value-added benefits that have been made possible by major insurance carriers. When you buy a vision insurance policy from Texas Medicare Solutions, the expenses for your expensive eye procedures, such as glaucoma and cataracts, are covered. However, keep in mind that the vision policy will not cover a routine eye exam, glasses or contacts.

Check with your insurance agent on the type of vision insurance policy you’re eligible for, and get the one that suits you best.

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