Our agents volunteering

Our Approach

Texas Medicare Solutions was founded in 2013 by Raul Gonzalez, a licensed insurance agent. Our mission is to provide security to seniors and their friends by offering insurance several options for their insurance needs. We do not represent just one insurance carrier, instead we broker insurance with multiple carriers to offer each senior products specific to their needs.

We know our clients lead busy lives, often too busy to shop for insurance. So our goal is to do the shopping for them to earn their business for years to come. If you are shopping in San Antonio for a Medicare Advantage Plan, we recommend speaking to someone in San Antonio. It is our belief that there is no better value than speaking with a specialist in your own area.

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The Independent Advantage – San Antonio Medicare Advantage

Our agents are independent, free to choose the right carrier for your insurance needs. We do not work for an insurance company; we work for you. Texas Medicare Solutions represents a carefully selected group of financially strong, reputable insurance companies. To see a list of our licensed agents, click here. We have agents in San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, McAllen, Waco and many other places that focus on Medicare Advantage Plans.

How We Help The People We Serve

The best part about working with seniors is that we get to help them with more than just insurance. Most of our agents will help you apply for the Medicare Savings Program, Medicaid and Extra Help for Medicare Prescription drug coverage.

In addition to helping apply for assistance, we believe that it is our duty to volunteer in the community. Many of our agents volunteer for charities throughout San Antonio and other areas we serve. In 2019, our agents volunteered to help repaint a needy senior citizen’s home to help a charity call King’s Compassion. In 2020, we plan on doing the same.