Facts You Should Know About Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plans

Facts You Should Know About Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plans

Facts You Should Know About Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plans

Facts You Should Know About Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plans
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Often people ask why one should get a hospital indemnity insurance plan? As a physician, you’ve already taken the time to find a beneficial health insurance plan for your family and yourself. You might be confident about your capability to deal with unforeseen health issues, and injuries should any occur down the road. Nevertheless, no one ever gets paid for lying in a hospital bed, and when physicians aren’t able to work, they’ll be losing more money than ever.

But imagine, wouldn’t it feel nice if some of that extra cost that surfaced during a sudden health crisis could be taken care of? Wouldn’t you like to get paid for actually spending time in a hospital bed instead of leaning over one?

Here are some of the facts that everyone should know about hospital indemnity plans in Texas:

Making Health Insurance Better

Your health insurance will only pay for specific medical services after your deductible amount is satisfied. By contrast, almost all hospital indemnity insurance plans trigger payments when specific events associated with hospital visits happen.

And that’s not all; a more robust plan might include feature payments of surgery, ambulance trips, maternity visits, or increased payments for severe health conditions like cancer or stroke. The benefits can be disbursed in lump sums for a longer daily or weekly basis, along with short admittance.

Covers Health Insurance Deductible

According to a survey, the average cost of staying in a hospital in the US is around $15,000, which is certainly high enough to top the annual deductible of many major medical plans. Your indemnity insurance payouts can be used to cover your health insurance deductibles; which means spending four or more days in the hospital visit could mean that you’re taking care of a major health-related out of pocket expense for the whole year.

You can use the payments for whatever purpose. Unlike medical health insurance, a hospital indemnity plan isn’t tied to specific services but rather pay you upon the occurrence of certain events.

Perfect for families

The family coverage offers a sigh of relief when a spouse or a parent takes time off from work to tend to the care of a hospitalized child or spouse.

Nearly every one in six hospital visits is made by adolescents and children, the majority of whom are new-born babies with an average admittance of four days with a whopping cost of over $8,000.

And that’s not all; hospital indemnity insurance is also perfect for expecting mothers. On average, a new mother spends around 1-4 days in the hospital after having her first baby, with an average cost of $5,000.


A hospital indemnity plan has never been accused of breaking the bank. On the contrary, many take comfort from the fact that while unexpected admittance may temporarily cut into their cash flow, the hospital indemnity plan will be there to help them in their tough time.

Monthly costs for individual hospital indemnity insurance for young and healthy people start very low. Premiums increase as the policyholder age and add other family members.

We know that nothing can make you stop worrying about your loved ones, that’s why we offer the best and most affordable hospital indemnity plans for seniors as well as for the entire family so you can deal with the expected with complete peace of mind.

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