Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas—Coverage Beyond the Basics

Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas – Coverage Beyond the Basics

Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas – Coverage Beyond the Basics

Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas—Coverage Beyond the Basics
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Turning 65 means exploring how to get the healthcare you need. For over 4 million Texans, the answer lies in Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage, also called Part C, provides Medicare Part A and Part B benefits through private companies approved by Medicare. However, unlike Original Medicare, many Medicare Advantage plans in Texas offer more than just hospital and medical insurance.

With certain Medicare Advantage plans, you gain additional benefits like:

  • Dental, vision, and hearing—Important for overall health but not covered under regular Medicare.
  • Prescription drug coverage—Access to Medicare Part D is included, often with $0 copays for tier 1 and 2 drugs.
  • Wellness and fitness—Gym memberships or discounts plus resources for improving health.
  • Transportation—To and from medical appointments for those who need it.
  • Care coordination—Personalized support managing chronic or complex health conditions.

Medicare Advantage plans also provide protection from unexpected medical costs, with maximum out-of-pocket limits capping your responsibility. When exploring your options with a trusted local broker, consider priorities around additional benefits, provider choice, and budget to find the right plan.

At Texas Medicare Solutions, we specialize in Medicare Advantage, contracting with many of Texas’s leading health plans to offer you the best value. We understand the choices can feel overwhelming. Let us help determine your needs and preferences to outline Advantage plans tailored for your situation. For comprehensive care and coverage, plus support navigating healthcare decisions, Medicare Advantage with the right company and plan provides real value.

Are you ready to learn more about Medicare Advantage options in your area? Call Texas Medicare Solutions today at 210-908-6565. Speaking to one of our licensed agents in Texas gives you access to our carrier knowledge and experience.

We can determine options aligned with your priorities and walk you through the enrollment process for the plan you choose. Your Medicare Advantage journey starts and ends with the guidance to lead you to the best outcome. Call today—your path to better healthcare coverage begins here!

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