Amerigroup Insurance

Amerigroup Insurance


At Texas Medicare Solutions, we pride ourselves on helping our customers find the coverage they need at an affordable price. That’s why we trust Amerigroup Insurance to provide our clients with the professional level of service they deserve.  Amerigroup Real Solutions is one of the leading Medicare Advantage carriers in San Antonio and all of Texas.  Our licensed local Medicare agents are certified to sell Amerigroup Medicare Plans as well as many other carriers.  We can do a full needs analysis to find out if your doctors, hospitals, and even medication work with the Amerigroup Plans.  Learn how Amerigroup can help meet your needs, call 210-908-6565 (San Antonio) or 877-499-9385 (Texas) to set up an in home appointment.

What does an in home appointment look like?

One of our agents will sit with you in the comfort of your own home or even over the phone.  We will ask you questions about which medications you’re currently taking, which doctors you would like to keep and which hospitals you prefer.  Once we evaluate these items, we can make a recommendation that would best suit your needs.  Our agents represent many companies and we will teach you all you need to know about Medicare.

What does Amerigroup cover? 

It’s important to note that when you join an Amerigroup Medicare Advantage Plan, or any other Texas Medicare Advantage Plan, these plans provide all the coverage and benefits of Parts A, B, and D of Original Medicare. Much of the cost-sharing is based on a copay instead of coinsurance but it’s important to speak with a licensed local agent to make sure they can fully explain the plan to you.


Contact us to learn more about Amerigroup Insurance and other Medicare Plans at 210-908-6565 or 877-499-9385!


    Customer Reviews

    annie davila
    7. July, 2020.
    I am very pleased with Texas Medicare Solutions with my agent Natalie Gamez! She is always there for me all year round whenever I need or have a question in a very professional manner she returned my call as soon as possible and she will answer and explain to me whatever my insurance question is. Very pleased to have Natalie Gamez as my agent!
    Sarai Ramos
    2. July, 2020.
    It was very professional, detailed, she explained it very well and spoke clearly.
    Kathy Bailey
    25. June, 2020.
    Raul is a knowledgeable, professional sales agent with Texas Medicare Solutions. He was kind enough to reschedule our appointment when it was convenient for me. He was organized and knew how to make the overwhelming information you have to wade through much easier to understand and apply to your own situation. He listens to what the client is saying and recommends what should work for the individual's needs.
    Ana Carolina Huemer
    13. June, 2020.
    I have received excellent service in my request.
    Jimmy Shafer
    10. June, 2020.
    They did a great job guiding us thru the process and options for Medicare. Really helpful!!!
    Roger Cerda
    9. June, 2020.
    I called your office and was assisted by Ann Herrera and i needed information since i will be turning 65 this year and was provided with all the info i needed. And she was very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail , excellent customer service.
    Antolin Zuniga
    24. March, 2020.
    Jim has always taken very good care of my medical insurance needs, getting me the correct plan. He goes the Extra mile to help you out, I highly recommend him.
    Beverly Kruse
    5. March, 2020.
    Mr. Jim Belcher is, without a doubt, the most helpful and informative agent with whom I have worked ... ever. Not only did he answer all of my questions, but went "the extra mile" in so many ways. He has spent so much of his time helping us obtain the best Humana coverage for our needs. If anyone needs a qualified, polite and patient representative, I urge you to seek him out. You will not be disappointed. He is the best!